Buy Used Cars with Confidence

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Find Your Favourite Car

When you buy and sell used cars with our reputable garage, you’re sure to receive an incredible deal. Come and find a stunning car among our large collection.

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Enjoy Affordable Options

At M & A Autos Ltd, we work tirelessly to provide value for our customers. That’s why our dealership is happy to take your old vehicle as part exchange for your new car.

used cars

Protecting Your Purchase

Safeguarding your vehicle is our foremost priority. That's why we offer comprehensive warranties to protect your vehicle under a variety of circumstances

About Us

Find tremendous used cars when you visit our reputable car dealership. Based in Northampton, Northamptonshire, M & A Autos Ltd offers extensive warranties alongside part exchange services. That’s because we do everything possible to save you money while offering a truly convenient service. Debit and credit cards are accepted during your purchase, meaning you have the freedom to pay in the way that suits you best. Reliable and approachable, our dealership only offers cars that are in a very good condition. With flexible opening hours, we endeavour to fit our services around the customer’s needs.